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Jan 18, 2016 | Writing Resources

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It has been a week of exploration and learning. I’ve found in my travels some tools I think would be helpful. I’ve been around the web for several years and have tried to dabble in online marketing. One would think I’d have plenty of tools and resources to help me do what I need to do. I don’t really.

Oh, I’ve bought my share of bright shiny objects with promises of greatness. Took me a long time to realise, the vast majority of them, are just promises. Very few deliver.

So, effective with this post I’ll be sharing with you some of the websites, tools and concepts I find helpful. That will do two things, provide me with a place to come and look them up if I lose my notes and allows me to share with you kind reader.

One of the things that is important for me to both understand and develop is a platform for me as a writer. I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a Tumblr account etc. The existing accounts are all my personal accounts and not really focused on writing, publishing and marketing same.

So, one of the challenges I have set myself is to setup social network accounts geared towards establishing my platform in this field.

Finding Me On Social Media

That doesn’t mean I’m going to create a new Facebook account. That is what Facebook pages are for. You can like me on the Shadows Publishing page, if you haven’t already. I have setup a writing oriented Twitter account. Please feel free to follow @ShadowsPub.

I’m also testing out Instagram. Don’t know much about the platform but it does seem to be popular. What do you think? Feel free follow ShadowsPub over there.

I haven’t played with any other social media sites as yet other than a YouTube channel that I’m working on building. That may be some time before I do much with that. Let me know in the comments your favourite social media sites and why you like it.

Learning About Writing & Self-Publishing


There are a lot of free places you can learn about how to write and self-publish. Some of them are pretty good. Some only focus on one aspect of writing. There are also a lot of paid programs offered, the vast majority that I’ve looked are, are far from what I’d find helpful.

There is one that I subscribed to sometime ago and keep returning to in order to learn. That is Geoff Shaw’s Kindling program. Geoff is straightforward and down to earth. He doesn’t make grandiose claims about how you’re going to make millions with hardly any work. In fact, he’s just the opposite. His mantra is, you are building a business, you need to take action to get results, you need to produce consistent, quality writing.

If you’re looking for short cuts and schemes, don’t even consider Geoff’s program. The website is treasure trove of information with Geoff guiding you through it with both written content and audio messages from him.

Along with access to the site, you’re able to join a Facebook group with other members of his program. They are a great group of people who freely share their experiences and tips as they progress in their writing business. Some of them have made more than a million following Geoff’s advice.

So, how come I haven’t made any progress if I’ve belonged for some time? Pretty easy answer. I have failed to take consistent action. It is my goal to change that lack of action in 2016. I can have the best information and training in the world, but, if I fail to take action I fail to produce.


If you’re looking for all the learning you could want, you want to check out the UDEMY site. There are thousands of courses over there at a wide range of costs starting at free.

Geoff Shaw has a couple of courses over there if you’d like to try out his style before committing to the more costly KINDLING course. They are:

Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books  — Course Description

When writing a book, one of the most important requirements is the ability to present an exciting story that your readers will invest in. A story where they will want to know what comes next right through to the end.

In this training, I show by example, how to break down popular fiction into the basics of the story. The skeleton of the story, and from that simple outline, I give 2 examples of how to create a new story in two different genres, to show how simple my outlining method works.

I demonstrate with the same outline sheets I use when I am writing a book, and also for the books I get my ghostwriters to write for me. Those outline sheets are available for download in the course. It is so simple that I know by the end of the training you will be able to write your own book with exciting storylines too.

I also show how to build out the sections of the stories using simple techniques and the use of questions to bring out your creativity. You will easily decide how many words you need in each section of your book, and once it is broken down into the smaller pieces of the story, you will find it a lot easier to write the book.

The benefit of doing this is you will also be able to write your books a lot faster. You won’t get stuck for words. You won’t be looking at a blank screen or piece of paper wondering why you’ve got writers block. There are 18 lectures and an hour of content. There are downloadable files that you can use for all your books.

I’ve structured this course in a simple methodical way based on the best results I’ve had from training thousands of people in book publishing. You will gain confidence and skills that will benefit you for a lifetime of easy writing. I’ve kept the videos short and to the point without leaving out the crucial information you need to succeed. You can go away in the next day with a whole new understanding of what Riveting Fiction is all about.

How to Succeed with Kindle Short Reads — Course Description

Writing books can be a struggle, but through this training, I will show you the benefits of building your business with Amazon Kindle Short Reads. I will show you how many super successful authors have used Kindle Short Reads to publish more books more easily.

How they copy their own success and duplicate the business assets that are earning them the most money. How to reduce bad reviews. How to build big lists fast and easy. How to use Short Reads (Short Stories) to get more reach in Amazon search and have more readers finding your books through keywords and categories.

You will understand why Amazon placed emphasis on Short Reads, because of the reading habits of new readers, and also long time readers, who have changed the way they choose to read. You will learn some tricky techniques to get people to join your reader list and make it easier for you to sell more books, and create a financially stable business. 

There are currently 19 lectures and an hour of content. There are downloadable files and transcriptions of each video. I’ve structured this course in a simple methodical way based on the best results I’ve had from training thousands of people in book publishing. You will gain confidence and knowledge that will help you get better results by working smarter.

I’ve kept the videos short and to the point without leaving out the crucial information you need to succeed. You can go away in the next day with a whole new understanding of how to use Kindle Short Reads to build a bigger, better author brand, with more sales and more readers on your email list.

This should give you plenty to distract you from writing for now. I’ll add more later. Don’t fall down a rabbit hole over at Udemy. It can keep you occupied for hours.

What are you favourite writing tools?


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Some of the links on this page may be part of affiliate programs. That means when you click on them and purchase the service from the vendor, I’ll make some money. Thank you for your support.


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