If you’re anything like me and once upon a time ago had one or more WordPress blogs that have been abandoned in favour of posting more on STEEM than anywhere else, you may want to reconsider that. The team at @steempress-io have been working on creating a solution to allow us to do that through a WP plugin. This post is my first use of the feature.

One of the benefits I love about being able to post to my WP blog and have it appear on the Steem platform is I can organize my content here on my blog while getting the benefits of the Steem platform. I love writing on Steem but we don’t have the same ability to organize our work into categories like on a WP blog.

For now, I wont be able to put as much of my Steem writings on my WP blog as I would like as I write on three accounts currently on Steem but can only register one account in the Steempress plugin. A future feature of the plugin may allow multiple account registrations but that may take some time. For now, only my @shadowspub writings will end up coming off the WP blog.

One of the other benefits of posting on a WP blog which sends it to Steem is my evergreen writing will be easier to find on the WP blog. I will also have greater flexibility with what I do, like adding ads to my WP blog that would not be able to run on my Steem account.

Not everything is likely to be easy peasy as I have posts setup as templates in Scrivener and I need to figure if I can recreate the templates here in WordPress. I use a very flexible theme, so, hopefully I should be able to. Just going to take some learning.

Until Next Time — Just Steem on

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