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So, It’s 2016 Already

Jan 4, 2016 | Writing Resources

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Well, it’s a new year and as with most of us, it’s time for new beginnings. I plan on making this year my best year ever. This is the year I will be taking action on what has been a long time dream. Writing for publication.

I’ve started compiling data for my first book. The plan is to focus on doing short summary books on topics of interest. This will get me up and going, allowing me to make most of my mistakes on short projects and not long ones.

Yes, I’ll make mistakes. Call me human.

So, what’s the first book about? It’s about presence, also called executive presence. For better or worse, we all notice another person’s presence. It is what draws us to them, or not. It can inspire us to follow them or send us running in the opposite direction. Presence is not something we are just born with. I plan on being intentional on learning and improving my presence. How about you?

I’ll be sharing some of my material as I develop it over on Our Paths to Success. That is my site for some of the subject material I will be developing. This site is about writing and publishing. That is one of my sites about what my writing topics are.

There are others and you will learn about them if you decide to join me on the journey. If you’d like to do that, just subscribe in the top right corner of the page to receive notice when I update here. If you prefer to just have a look at what I’m developing, you can sign up over there.


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