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Six Writer’s Resource Links

Apr 5, 2016 | Writing Resources

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I spent some time exploring the various Facebook Groups I’m part of today. I found links to six writers sites with at least one resource of interest. Well, they were of interest to me, so I’m sharing them with you.

1. 48 Content Writing Examples, Tools, Tips, and Resources

I haven’t explored this entirely yet or I would likely be adding to the list I’m currently writing. I will have a more in-depth look. Now you could argue that this list is more about marketing than writing. It is about content marketing and who do you think writes content? Writers. The list can give you some food for thought on what to write about as well as ideas on how to promote said content.

2.The Definitive Guide on How To Write a Blog Post with more than 50 Writing Formulas and Examples.

Justin McCullough dives into his treasure trove of writers resources, links and guides to provide you with comprehensive resources of not only how to write a blog post, but also writing of any kind. Follow this link when you are in learning mode or have some time on your hands. It will pull you in.

3. The 100 Best Writers Sites for 2016

The Writer’s Life site provides a list of the top 100 writers sites. I’m not on it — yet. The list is broken down into categories: blogging, entrepreneurship, creativity & craft, freelancing, marketing, publishing, and writing communities. Again, be sure to have some time as you explore this list. Even just confining your visits to the suggested posts on each site will take up some serious time.

4. List of Online Reviewers Who Accept Self-Published Books

The site, Publishing .. and Other Forms of Insanity has a great list of 425 sites accepting submissions. She is constantly updating the list so you will want to visit often. There is also a link provided to help you find reviewers yourself if you think you need to. With that many sites listed, you’re bound to find some reviews for your book. While you are there you may want to take some time to explore some of her other posts.

5. Six Straightforward Ways to Structure a Blog Post

If the definitive guide link I provided above is a bit too intense, check out this straight to the point approach to how to write a blog post and the various types of posts. We’re writers, we’d like our readers to visit often.

6. Kindle Direct Publishing File Formatting Tips

Amazon is becoming increasingly picky about the formatting of their books. This resource takes you right to source for tips on how to format your book file. Spending some time there now could save you some time later.

So, there you go. I hope these six writer’s resource links have been as helpful to you as they are to me. I expect to be coming back to visit them frequently.

Do you have a favourite link or two you like to visit?


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