All Things Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Word Search Puzzles

Food, Writing, Music, Sayings & Places of Ireland

All Things Irish Front Cover
All Things Irish Back Cover

Would you like to have some fun?
Enjoy some relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety?
Build your vocabulary?
Keep your mental processes sharp?

You can do all of the above while enjoying these St. Patrick’s Day Word Searches. A great activity for all ages…teens to senior adults.

Studies have shown word search puzzles are a key cognitive tool to use for building vocabulary and improving pattern recognition skills. They’re a fun activity you can do almost any where while exercising the brain.

This book features:

  • 8.5” x 11” pages
  • 80 puzzles includes
    • 20 Irish Idioms & Sayings puzzles
    • 20 Literature & Music puzzles
    • 20 Food & Drink of Ireland
    • 20 Places to Visit in Ireland
  • 1200 words & phrase to search for using 610 unique choices
  • Solutions for all puzzles at back of book
  • Great for relaxation and reducing anxiety
  • Makes a great gift for all ages from teen to senior adults
  • Printed on sturdy paper

Grow your understanding about all things Irish and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.

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Samples of the Word Search Puzzles in the Book

Sayings & Idioms of Ireland Sample 1
Sayings & Idioms of Ireland Sample 2
Sayings & Idioms of Ireland Sample 3
Literature & Music Sample 1
Literature & Music Sample 2
Literature & Music Sample 3
Food & Drink Sample 1
Food & Drink Sample 2
Food & Drink Sample 3
Irish Places Sample 1
Irish Places Sample 2
Irish Places Sample 3