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Jan 22, 2016 | Marketing

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Okay, the other day I wrote about some writing tools. Today, I’m adding some Marketing Tools. I’ll add some more going forward. So, you remind me, I’m a writer, not an internet marketer. This is true. However, if I’m going to market myself as a writer, I need to use some marketing tools, like learning how to generate traffic to my writing.

Not All Traffic Generation is Alike

There are some great sites out there with really good information on how to generate traffic. There are also some sites claiming to tell you and are really just trying to suck you into their rabbit hole to try to improve their traffic while it does nothing for yours. Unless you are lucky enough to create something that goes viral, generating traffic takes time. It also takes producing quality content on either your blog, your Facebook page or wherever you are building your platform. You slave over your work, you want to share it.

I’ve come across a few blogs recently that I’ve gone back to more than once to review the blogger’s posts. They are online marketers who spend time and effort to prepare their posts.

Project Pivotal

The first site I’m going to suggest to you is Project Pivotal. Launched in May 2015, there is not a lot of content on the site but every article I’ve read on there, I’ve learned something of value. His article on building a Twitter account from zero decided me to create a Twitter account geared towards Shadows Publishing and what I’m doing. I have another account but it is more personal interest than anything else. In just a few days I saw the account growing faster than my first account using just a few of his suggestions.

Several of his articles are about building traffic to your blog like — How to Get Blog Traffic: 13 Steps to Thousands of Readers. Have a read and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Viper Chill

Viper Chill is a much larger site having been established longer. If you visit his Start Here page, you’ll find he started his first site at 15, somewhere around 2005. He’s remained focused and built on everything he has learned. The Start page has some links to get you started depending on your current knowledge level or you can just dive into the material he has.

I will warn you, when you sit down to read any of his posts, you need a very large coffee (or other libation) and a notepad. If at the end of the article, you have not filled at least one page with notes, you are either already very skilled at marketing or you need to read it again. Not uncommon for his posts to be in the area of 7,000 words, he doesn’t load them with fluff. They are good solid information written in a conversational style.

I can write all the books, articles and blog posts I want. If I’m not getting them in front of anyone but me, then I might as well be writing a personal journal. My goal is to share my knowledge with others, part of my knowledge needs to be how to market and generate traffic.

What are your favourite sources for marketing information?


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Some of the links on this page may be part of affiliate programs. That means when you click on them and purchase the service from the vendor, I’ll make some money. Thank you for your support.


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