Having Fun With Coloring

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Coloring

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It Isn’t Just For Kids

I have been creating coloring books recently. I find them fun to create. I get to play with graphics and fonts while building a book. What couldn’t be good about that?

I’ve created and published two coloring books so far. I have a third underway which I’m shooting to complete by the end of the weekend. If you like Christmas Carols, you’ll love this one.

I’ve also started creating some coloring pages I’ll be giving away to subscribers to my news list. I’m just releasing this one today. You can get it here.

I had never really thought about colouring as a pastime but it is something a lot of adults enjoy. Studies have been done finding the focus on colouring helps to relax your mind and ease stress.

Your mind becomes temporarily occupied working your way through the image and selecting colours. The distraction is important these days with the added stress 2020 has given us all. Anyone can colour, there is no right or wrong way to colour. The colour choices are your own.

Reminds me of when my niece was young. I had rescued some large sheets of paper that were being tossed out at work. I brought them home for the children to colour on. My niece had one spread out on the table and was busy drawing some trees with a blue crayon. My mother was there at the time and sure enough, as she was known to do, she started arguing with my niece about blue trees. In her world, you were not being creative using a different colour, you were wrong.

My sister and I watched as my niece continued drawing her tree in blue. After a few minutes of listening to her grandmother she calmly informed her, “Nana, today in my world, trees are blue”. She returned to her drawing leaving her grandmother looking perplexed and my sister and I chuckling at her calm response while holding true to her creativity.

So, pick up your colouring instrument of choice and enjoy some downtime for your busy mind. I don’t keep ink in my printer as I rarely use it these days.  I used a graphics program to colour this image. I enjoyed that as well. Might treat myself to some ink though … then I’d need to get some coloring pencils.

Speaking of which, I’m learning there is a whole world out there of colouring fans who take their coloring pencils, markers, gel pens etc very seriously. I’ll be exploring what they have to say and will share what I learn. Meanwhile, back to the coloring book creationg.

OH, don’t forget to get your coloring page here.


Published: November 20, 2020
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