The fourth Witness Chat in the Steemit Ramble discord was well attended. Several topics were touched on including: pegging or not pegging SBD, activity levels on the platform, transparency of witnesses involved in other blockchains, decaying votes and more.

There were sixteen witnesses presenting fifteen witness accounts present today. They included: @adsactly-witness (@morkrock) @c0ff33a @drakos @enginewitty @followbtcnews (@crimsonclad) @jackmiller @lukestokes @mahdiyari @noblewitness (@rhondak @anarcho-andrei) @qurator (@scrooger) @ro-witness (@alexvan)@therealwolf @timcliff @ura-soul @yehey

@gmuxx (@noblewitness) popped in briefly to bring his greetings and let us know he couldn’t stay. @ats-david (@ats-witness) appeared in the text briefly but didn’t see him in the voice chat and @paulag (@steemcommunity) was noticed in the foyer channel but never saw her take part.

The chat was lively and could have continued most of the afternoon but people have things to do so I closed it out after 2.5 hours. The next chat will take place on Saturday July 21st at 11am EDT / 3pm UTC. See you all then.

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