Calendars Released for 2021

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Calendars

Cat Lovers Appointment Planner for 2021 front cover

Everyone has a need to keep track of meetings and appointments

Cat lovers, sassy cat lovers and dog lovers covers

Kicking this year off with the release of six appointment calendars and planners. Why six? They are six different themes. The interiors are the same style, the theme for each book is different.

The Interior Style

When I’ve used calendars to keep track of what I’m doing, one of my main grumbles has been lack of space to make notes. The interiors of these calendars are designed to make sure you have lots of space for making notes, quick sketches or whatever you need.

Calendar Pages
There are 12 colour calendar pages. Each page has a month’s calendar with an image appropriate to the month and the theme of the book. Holidays for both Canada and the US are listed on the page. There’s a quote related to the theme on the right and on the left, space for quick notes. Each calendar page is on the right. Leaving the back of each page blank gives you more space for you to use as you need.

Contact Pages
If you’re going to be attending appoints or meetings, there will be people you need to contact. There are several pages dedicated to recording the contact information of people you want to be able to connect with.

Appointments / Meetings Pages
There are two pages for each month dedicated to recording dates, times, place and brief notes for appointments and meetings you’ll need to attend during each month.

Journal Pages
Last but not least is several pages of lined journal for you to make notes.

Coffee & Tea Lovers, Kindness Covers

The Themes:

I’m a cat lover, so don’t be shocked. Two of the themes involves cats. The Cat Lovers calendar features cute cat images and quotes. The Sassy Cat Lovers calendar features edgier images and quotes. Any cat lover knows that some cats have a personality that seems to speak to us and it’s often saucy in temperament.

Now, it’s only fair if there’s going to be a cat lovers calendar then dog loves should not be left out. So, yes, there is a Dog Lovers Calendar.

The Coffee Lovers Calendar and the Tea Lovers Calendar share the same cup images on the calendar pages. The quotes are for the respective beverages. it’s not often that tea drinkers or coffee drinkers like both drinks. I’ll drink tea but can live without it. Coffee, don’t you dare interfere with my coffee.

Last but not least is the Rainbows of Kindness Calendar. This past year has been hard on us all. Sometimes we need reminders to be kind toward ourselves and others. We all need it more than ever right now.

So, there we go, perfect for you to keep track of where you need to be and who you need to contact all in one place using themes that matter to you.

Published: January 08, 2021
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