Six Writer’s Resource Links

Six Writer’s Resource Links

I spent some time exploring the various Facebook Groups I’m part of today. I found links to six writers sites with at least one resource of interest. Well, they were of interest to me, so I’m sharing them with you. 1. 48 Content Writing Examples, Tools,...

Quick Sunday Update

Has been a very busy week. I’ve managed to get some infrastructure setup for my sites. This site has been revamped. Hope you like the colours and layout. I’ll be setting up a contact form before long so you can leave me a note. Please subscribe to get any...
So, It’s 2016 Already

So, It’s 2016 Already

Well, it’s a new year and as with most of us, it’s time for new beginnings. I plan on making this year my best year ever. This is the year I will be taking action on what has been a long time dream. Writing for publication. I’ve started compiling...

Bryn Donovan

In exploring the craft of writing I’ve come across several sites which I would go back to over and over. Over time I will share those sites with you and will usually highlight some of the content which truly grabs my attention. I am not sure where I came across...

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